Neopiko 4 Set of 20 Colours

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Neopiko 4 Set of 20 Colours

NEOPIKO-4 is a handmade watercolor brush. This set includes all 20 colors:

1 of each of the single color:

 Carmine,  Orange, Yellow, Fresh Green,  Green,  Indigo,  Ultramarine,  Purple,  Yellow Ocher,  Brown,  Silver,  Black,  Pink,  Powder Orange,  Sky Blue,  Red, Purple Red,  Dark Brown,  Viridian,  Navy Blue.

Genuine “handmade brush" tip: It’s not a synthetic sponge-tip.

The color can be lightened, blended, and blurred with water. Much like using a water colour brush.

The genuine handmade brush provides elegant, gorgeous fine lines.