Neopiko Line 3 Sepia Set

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Neopiko Line 3 Sepia Set

Neopiko-Line-3  Sepia Set

Sepia (5 sizes)
0.03     mm
0.05     mm
0.10     mm
0.30     mm
0.50     mm

Neopiko Line-3 is multi-liner pen that is designed for Manga artists, graphic designers, professional artists and art students. ACMI ‘AP’ mark approved for conforming to ASTM D4236 safety standard.

Non-toxic, non-acidic.

·        Smooth and durable high quality nib
·        Waterproof, lightfast and archival
·        Water-based pigment ink
·        Smudge-proof with alcohol-based markers or watercolors
·        Various Nib (pen-tip) sizes from extra fine to bold