The Spoils: Decade of Deckadence / Decadence

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The Spoils: Decade of Deckadence / Decadence

The Decade of Deckadence™ drafting cube and core set is the next exciting evolution in The Spoils Card Game. The DoD is designed as a stand-alone game that is totally self contained. Draft with one, play sealed with two, and combine two to start building decks for your next VICTORS tournament.

As a “cube” drafting product, the purpose of the DoD is to provide an easy entry-point for brand new players with access to many of the most powerful cards in The Spoils history. Many of the cards in the DoD are extremely powerful!

The Decade of Deckadence™ contains:

  • 428 total cards
  • 67 Full Art Cards from The Spoils History
  • 89 Brand New Full Art Cards
  • 20 of each Staple Resource with New Art
  • 8 Tournament Faction Cards
  • 5 Micromajig Tokens
  • 3 Demon Tokens
  • New Full Color Rule Book